Meet The Team

We have a great team of people who love putting together and running the technical side of your event. Let’s meet some of the key players:

Simon Mackinder, the head honcho.

Simon Mackinder

Simon is the brains behind the operation. Having spent many years in the electronics industry, he has a vast knowledge of not only the technology but the logistics required to make events happen. Simon will be your main point of contact.


A master electrician with humour to match. Whether a set requires building in double quick time or you need a superb lighting designer and desk operator, James is your man. Apparently he is the good looking one!

Martin looking cool.


Martin brings a cool head to every project. With many years of putting kit together he is steadfast and reliable; an asset in every situation from software to site rigging.

Chris looking knowledgable.


Chris is our sound man; in every respect. His background is in cinema systems and his knowledge will ensure absolute clarity whether it’s a corporate venue or an outdoor rock concert.

These are a few of the people who will strive to make your event a success. They are assisted by an enthusiastic cohort of trained helpers.